"All too often we hear the negative thoughts and criticisms but seldom positive thoughts and praise. In the spirit, we would like to express our appreciation to Patty in Technical Support. Last week we called Tech Support at @ 8:45 p.m. and she stayed on the phone with us until nearly 9:30 p.m. While we expressed our thanks to her personally, we would like to let you know her willingness to work way after Tech Support was supposed to close to make sure our computer was up and running. She went over and above what we felt was her duty and we truly appreciate her kindness and help. Have a great day."

Wayne M. & Linda P.

"Kudos to Ken on the great customer service".  I’d like to thank the entire WCOIL crew for everything they did to help me get my Internet back up and running.  I really enjoy working with everyone here at WCOIL , you all do a fabulous job. I want to make special mention of the great work Ken did in this process and how helpful he was."

Steve G

"Thank you for having Patti call my mother yesterday.  I really appreciate being able to call you anytime in the evening and know you will take care of me.  She is up and running and is scheduled already for her new cable connection."

Stephanie W.


"Thank you Jeremy for helping me out with the download issue!”

Mr. Schumm

Residential DSL

DSL, or a Digital Subscriber Line, is a Broadband (highspeed) Internet connection over your existing CenturyLink telephone line.  DSL ranges between five and sixty times faster than a dialup connection depending on the package you choose.  Although DSL travels through your phone line, you can talk on your phone and be on the internet simultaneously.  The connection is always on and bandwidth is not shared, so the connection is very consistent.