Business FAQ

Can I keep my existing telephone number? 
Answer: In most areas, your existing number(s) can be "ported" from your current provider so that it can be used with our service.

Is there any fee if I switch to WCOIL telephone service? 
Answer:  No, WCOIL switches your phone service for free.

What type of Internet connection do I have to have?
Answer:  You must have high speed Internet to use digital phone.

Do I need to change my phone? 
Answer:  No, WCOIL telephone service works with your existing phone and jacks.

Does digital phone interfere with my Internet connection? 
Answer:  No, you can use digital phone and the Internet at the same time.

Is there 911 service?
Answer:  E911 is provided with your service.  Upon use, your telephone number  and location are submitted to emergency services.

How much is charged for long distance? 
Answer:  Your service includes long distance to US and Canada.  Long distance rates outside of the US or Canada are available in package for or a per minute charge.

Does faxing work over digital phone lines?     
Answer:  Commercial solutions are available for faxing with digital phone service.  Additional services and a separate digital phone number may be required.

Will my digital phone work with my security system? 
Answer:  Yes, digital phones will work with your existing security system.

If power goes out, how will I receive calls with digital phone?
Answer:  WCOIL can do an automatic foward to your cell phone if power is out in your area.