Business Point-to-Point


WCOIL business customers require larger amounts of bandwidth whether it is for data, phone or other combinations of services WCOIL offers.  Fiber is the most reliable high speed option for Business Point to Point offering 99.99% uptime.  Our specialized business representatives will take the time to sit down with you to first determine your business needs and second make a plan to suit not only what you need but what minimally you can work with and what other options are available for you to consider.  Our goal is to fill your needs and save you money at the same time.

Direct Ethernet

WCOIL business customers who need less bandwidth than fiber but require a reliable high speed secure connection with more bandwidth and speed than Business Cable or DSL may choose Direct Ethernet.  Direct Ethernet is an excellent option for companies previously using a T1, Business Cable or DSL connection. It may even save you money!


T1 provides consistent high speed to customers who need more than what Business DSL or Cable can offer. In some instances, T1 availability is the only connection option available to a business. This type of connection is very capable of handling multiple services such as Internet connectivity, VoIP phone and security.