"Dear Barb,
I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that you have a wonderful employee in Jeremy [Tech Support].   He helped me with some computer problems and didn't give up until he found the problem some 2 hours later.   He was funny, and so personable that he made my day.   He didn't give up until the problem was taken care of. My hat is off to Jeremy.......one great employee that anyone would be proud to have!"

Carol D.

"Thank you Dan M!  He was able to fix all the things my previous computer and networking person could not and am thrilled with his personality and abilities.  He even watched my kids when they wandered off!!  I will call you first to do the rest of our office networking and wants. Great job Dan M!"

Traycee and Dan W.


Does your company have the need for a wireless network?  Wi-Fi provides a wireless Internet or network connection to  computers, laptops and hand-held devices such as scanners and smart phones.  WCOIL's experienced staff can set up a Wi-Fi Network for your  office or engineer coverage for an entire facility. Call WCOIL for an on-site visit to analyze your needs and business layout to see how you can take advantage of a Wi-Fi network.