"Dear Barb,
I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that you have a wonderful employee in Jeremy [Tech Support].   He helped me with some computer problems and didn't give up until he found the problem some 2 hours later.   He was funny, and so personable that he made my day.   He didn't give up until the problem was taken care of. My hat is off to Jeremy.......one great employee that anyone would be proud to have!"

Carol D.

"Thank you Dan M!  He was able to fix all the things my previous computer and networking person could not and am thrilled with his personality and abilities.  He even watched my kids when they wandered off!!  I will call you first to do the rest of our office networking and wants. Great job Dan M!"

Traycee and Dan W.

IT Services

IT Outsourcing is a simple way for companies to enjoy the advantages of having a personal IT professional at their disposal without the added expense of hiring an employee.  Today, companies are looking for ways to maintain state of the art equipment efficiently and consistently. With WCOIL outsourcing, companies are partnered with experienced certified network technicians who understand the company's inner workings and network.

Service Contracts

Budgeting expenses is essential to all businesses.  Support contracts give companies the ability to plan a monthly expense not only for their IT outsourcing.  One flat monthly rate gives you excellent reliable personnel to assist you in all your IT needs.    Call us now to set up a personalized plan that is just right for your needs.