"Hi Patty,

Thanks so much for the help, you did a great job!!! All is much better and yes, your advice worked with AVG. Hope you have a great weekend. Please keep up the good work, every tech department needs more people like you and Bob!"


"I just want to let you know in writing that Robert was wonderful!  I will sing his praises. He was patient and kind and took the time to make sure that everything was checked and re-checked.   For now everything is wonderful, so enjoy your weekend and the great weather we're having, although a little rain wouldn't hurt! Have a great day!"



How do I know what domain name to choose? 
Answer: If you are a business, try to use a name that is closest to your business name.  Many domain names are taken but not used so some research may be needed.  For personal pages, select easy to remember names.

What extension should I use? 
Answer:  There are many extensions available although most companies use .com and most organizations use .org.  Ask our representative which one best suits your web site and we will be happy to do research for you.

What format should I provide material to my designer? 
Answer:  WCOIL prefers to have as much material as possible in electronic format, however we can assist you with how best to provide other material as well.

Can WCOIL house my web site? 
Answer:  Yes, WCOIL can house new sites as well as sites currently housed elsewhere.

How much does it cost to house a web site? 

Answer:  Monthly costs vary, but start as low as $10.00/month. The needs or capabilities of each individual site are utilized to determine the monthly rate.

Do I need a secure certificate? 
Answer:  Secure certificates are only needed if you are requesting sensitive information from others such as on-line payments or personal information.

What is the difference between a static and a dynamic web site? 
Answer:  A static site is one that is written in HTML only and the site does not draw on any data base. To make changes to the site, each page would have to be changed separately.  Dynamic sites are more complex.  They may be more expensive to design, however they are typically much easier to update.

How do search engines find my site? 
Answer:  Search engines use "exact phrasing" and "exact terms" to match with key words put into search engines.  There are many  web sites to help assist you with better searching capability.

Can I have my business name as my email name? 
Answer:  Yes, WCOIL offers Business Email hosting allowing you to add and delete email accounts for you and your employees.

Can I move where my site is housed? 
Answer:  Yes, you can request  a move to a different hosting company at any time.