"Hi Patty,

Thanks so much for the help, you did a great job!!! All is much better and yes, your advice worked with AVG. Hope you have a great weekend. Please keep up the good work, every tech department needs more people like you and Bob!"


"I just want to let you know in writing that Robert was wonderful!  I will sing his praises. He was patient and kind and took the time to make sure that everything was checked and re-checked.   For now everything is wonderful, so enjoy your weekend and the great weather we're having, although a little rain wouldn't hurt! Have a great day!"


Security Certificates

Any time a customer enters sensitive data, such as a credit card number or Social Security number, the data should be protected. A secure certificate (SSL) is typically used to protect sensitive information while it is sent from the customer to your website. WCOIL can register and maintain your SSL Cert registration. Our servers run the most common SSL security packages and can provide you with the PCI compliance that many e-Commerce sites require.