Web Services

Website Services

Websites were once a novelty, limited to cutting edge or major corporations. They are now a must for businesses or organizations of all sizes. WCOIL is here to assist you with your website hosting and e-mail needs. With our WCOIL Web Services you can house your website and your domain e-mail with WCOIL!

Call us for a free consultation to discuss the options for your business or personal web site hosting and domain e-mail needs.

Domain Name Registration

If you need a domain name, website or email, WCOIL can secure and maintain your domain name registration. Whether you're ready to register your domain name or just investigating the possibility, give us a call. We can quickly check the availability of any domain name, provide suggestions and/or secure your online address. Once registered, we monitor and renew the registration as necessary, leaving one less thing for you to worry about!

DNS Services

WCOIL can also provide for your DNS (Domain Name Server) needs. This is a critical piece of the puzzle if you run your own email or web server. We run multiple redundant Name Servers to ensure that your website or server is accessible worldwide.