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How can computers save me money with home automation and entertainment?
Answer:  Computers have much more space to store information than a DVR or TIVO device.

Can I use my laptop to view on my television screen?
Answer:  Your television must be an LCD television to view your computer monitor through your TV.

How can a computer act as a server and replace my DVR?
Answer: Currently your DVR or TIVO stores in a limited space movies or television shows you preselect.  Since a computer has much greater capacity and also is able to download DVD's, the server replaces your DVR or TIVO.

Are there any limitations to amount of data I can store or a limited time that I can keep my stored data? 
Answer:  No, unlike your DVR or TIVO, you can record as many movies or shows you like at the same time without any conflict.

What about music?
Answer:  Computers can store music by downloading CD's or purchasing through an on-line dealer.  So music works the same way as movies. 

Is there a way to sort stored movies and music into categories?
Answer:  With Home Automation and your WCOIL Server, you can personalize your data and sort it many ways.

What other information can I store on my WCOIL Home Automation Server?
Answer:  With the use of the Internet and your WCOIL Home Automation Server, you have instant recording options, vehicles for obtaining movies, music, sports stats and games not seen on regular TV. If it can be obtained via the Internet, you can store it on your personal system.

How can the WCOIL Automation Server save me money?
Most customers are paying a monthly fee for their DVR or TIVO.  With WCOIL home entertainment server, you can return your DVR cable box system and cancel your monthly charges.