"Recently, we had a security system installed by WCOIL Security Services. I can't tell you how much this has given me peace of mind knowing whether I am here or away, my family and home are well protected. Thank you WCOIL for your excellent service!"

John & Kim B.

"Thank you for setting up the Medical Alert type system for my father. I feel better knowing that if there is an emergency, someone is there to help with just a push of a button."

Anne L.

"Thank you Patti and Robert, for helping me change my e mail address. I can always count on WCOIL for helping."

Sue B.

"I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my security installation.  I would also like to state that the two gentlemen from
WCOIL Security, Steve C. and Matt W. were 'top notch'."

Mr. Williams



Is a business or home security system really necessary?
Answer: Cases of burglaries and theft are on the rise, which means that more and more homeowners are becoming concerned about their families and their properties. A
security system with burglar alarm monitoring makes your home or business a less likely target of break-ins and burglaries.

How does an alarm system fend off would-be burglars?
Answer: Approximately 90% of burglars would prefer to break into homes without security systems. These criminals want the easy way in; they don’t want to risk an alarm siren going off.

What if I accidentally set off the alarm?
Answer:  All alarms set will generate a phone call to the phone list you provide.  The security professional will make sure you are OK and ask for a secure password.  Police will not be dispatched if the owner made a mistake or accidentally set off the alarm.  In the event you cannot provide a secure password, police or fire will be dispatched.

What happens if my security company cannot reach me if there is an alert?
Answer:  In the event we cannot reach you if there is an alarm, police or fire will be dispatched in emergency mode based off what alarm is sounding.

Can a home security system save me money?
Answer: Yes. Not only will a home security system add value to your property, but it could also save you up to twenty percent on your
homeowner’s insurance under some policies.

How is a wireless security system different from a hardwired security system?

Answer:  Wireless systems allow for ease of installation for two-story homes and businesses in which there are multiple buildings or a need for wireless access control. There is no difference in the operation of a wireless system than a traditional hardwire system.

What are the components of a home and business security system?
Answer:  Most alarm systems include control panel(s) & keypad(s), door or window contacts, a motion detector(s), and an alarm siren(s). WCOIL also offers other
optional security devices such security for fire, medical, carbon monoxide and flood.

When can I have my home security system installed?
Answer:  WCOIL can have a licensed technician at your home on average with in one - three  days. We will schedule a time for installation of a
new home security system that is most convenient with your schedule.

Is a telephone line necessary?

Answer:  WCOIL Security can use your landline, digital phone line, cell phone or PDA to communicate an alert. . You can also install a cellular back up system for added protection in the event of telephone service interruption or a cable cut should you lose service for your telephone.

Will the security system work if there is a loss of power?
Answer:  Yes. Systems come with a back-up battery that will run the system for several hours. Once the battery is low, a signal will be transmitted to the monitoring center and you will be notified about it.

Are pets a problem for an alarm system?
Answer:  No. Major home security systems use pet immunity, which allows for animals weighing less than 40 pounds to wander around the home without setting off the alarm. Pets that weigh more than 40 pounds may require a system upgrade.